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The SKANLAB 25 Model Bodywave
  • The SKANLAB 25 Model Bodywave

The SKANLAB 25 Model Bodywave

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Country of manufacture:Norway
  • Used, very good technical condition,
  • Norwegian production
  • The medical device based on the use of high frequency alternating current 1MHz, in order to induce an electric field between the plates of the capacitor (capacitor method)
  • It causes deep tissue overheating, which causes acceleration of metabolism, vasodilatation, increase the flow of body fluids,
  • Much larger effects than in the treatment of short-wave diathermy since it is possible to perform local therapy closely is aimed at the affected area,
  • Wavelength 300m,
  • The frequency of 1MHz,
  • It can work in any room,
  • Does not require a grid Faraday
  • It has exposed the current Technical Passport,
  • Warranty: 6-months
Country of manufacture:Norway
Information is up-to-date: 18.04.2019
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